BI Symbol

The brand Identity of the Gangneung International Junior Art Festival, which has worked as a place for cultural exchanges of youths in Gyeongpo Sea of Gangneung every summer, used blue, a color symbolizing the summer and the sea, as the main color.

It also represented the youths from all around the world mingling and enjoying together in one wave and also emphasized the bright and cheerful feeling of the festival using various colors.

BI Default Type

Default Type .ver.1

Default Type .ver.2

Default Type .ver.3

BI Combination Type

Horizontal Type

Combination Type

Color System

· Main Color

C82  M50  Y0  K0
C64  M19  Y1  K0
C66  M0  Y3  K0
C41  M0  Y9  K0

· Sub Color

C3  M29  Y75  K0
C0  M64  Y81  K0
C71  M0  Y58  K0